Parents and Students

Important information and resources for parents and students- calendars, policies, and helpful links

Beaver High School Attendance phone number- (435) 438-7333


BHS Class Times
Regular Day
1st Period 7:55-9:04 (69 min.)
2nd Period 9:08–10:17 (69 Min)
3rd Period 10:21-11:30 (69 min.)
Jr. High Lunch 11:30–12:00 (30 min.)
4th Period - Sr. High  11:34-12:43 (69 min.)
4th Period - Jr. High 12:04-1:13 (69 min.)
Sr. High Lunch 12:43-1:13 (30 min.)
5th Period 1:17-2:26 (69 min.)
6th Period (Study Skills) 2:30–3:00 (69 min.)
1st Period 7:55-8:48 (53 min.)
2nd Period 8:52 – 9:45 (53 Min)
3rd Period 9:49-10:42 (53 min.)
4th Period 10:46-11:39 (53 min.)
5th Period 11:43 – 12:36 (53 min.)
Combined Lunch 12:36-1:06 (30 min.)
Assembly Schedule Reg. Day
1st Period 7:55-9:04 (69 min.)
Assembly 9:08-9:38 (30 min.)
2nd Period 9:42–10:51 (69 Min)
Jr. High Lunch 11:51–11:21 (30 min.)
3rd Period Sr. High  10:55-12:04 (69 min.)
3rd Period Jr. High 11:25-12:34 (69 min.)
Sr. High Lunch 12:04-12:34 (30 min.)
4th Period 12:38-1:47 (69 min.)
5th Period 1:51-3:00 (69 min.)
No 6th Period on Assembly Schedule
Friday Assembly Schedule
1st Period 7:55-8:40 (45 min.)
2nd Period 8:44–9:29 (45 min.)
3rd Period 9:33-10:18 (45 min.)
4th Period 10:22-11:07 (45 min.)
Assembly 11:11-11:47 (36 min.)
5th Period 11:51-12:36 (45 min.)
Combined Lunch 12:36-1:06 (30 min.)

2017-2018 Registration Dates and Times:

(No one will be allowed to register before his or her scheduled date and time.)

     12th Grade—Tuesday August 8th 9:00AM    11th Grade—Tuesday August 8th 1:00PM

     10th Grade—Wed. August 9th 9:00AM   9th Grade—Wed. August 9th 1:00PM

       8th Grade—Thursday August 10th 9:00AM     7th Grade—Thursday August 10th 1:00PM

For those Juniors and Seniors desiring to take college classes, a Beaver County U representative will be available on registration day if needed.  

New Student Registration will begin Tuesday Aug. 1st - 8th from 9:00 AM -2:00 PM.  

9th Grade Student Registration Requirements

10th Grade Student Registration Requirements

11th Grade Student Registration Requirements

12th Grade Student Registration Requirements

BHS Graduation Requirements

2017-2018 Course Schedule

Course Request Sheet


Course Descriptions

Courses taught by Mr. Albrecht

Courses taught by Mrs. Blackner

Courses taught by Mrs. Carter

Courses taught by Mr. Clarke

Courses taught by Mr. Clove

Courses taught by Mrs. Craw

Courses taught by Mr. Evans

Courses taught by Mrs. Eyre

Courses taught by Mr. Fullmer

Courses taught by Mr. Goff

Courses taught by Mrs. Greenlese

Courses taught by Mr. Hillock

Courses taught by Mrs. Joseph

Courses taught by Mr. Lyon

Courses taught by Mrs. Marshall

Courses taught by Mr. Marshall

Courses taught by Mr. B Wood

Courses taught by Mr. K Wood